Why_do we exist?

Why do we_exist?

Building upon the growing move of missional unity developing in cities and towns across the nation, we exist to develop a strategic conversation using the Movement Day model across those places in order to see more social, cultural and spiritual transformation.

We are seeing a new move of UNITY taking hold across our nation and the world. Leaders from all denominations and cultural backgrounds are coming together in friendship and prayer to seek the welfare of their cities - and TRANSFORMATION is occurring! This revolution of kindness and compassion includes not just church leaders but people working in the SPHERES of life, in business, arts, health, politics, local government, media, education and more. God is drawing his people together STRATEGICALLY to impact their communities.



 exists to help individual cities and towns join these different groupings together in CONVERSATION to answer the question “What could your place look like in 15 years time?”. As we seek God’s kingdom for each town and city in the UK and work together in unity and humility, we know we will see our nation transformed. It’s already happening!

How are we doing_this?


We are supporting cities and towns in hosting a long term Movement Day process that involves two distinct expressions in a Movement Day Gathering and a Movement Day Conversation.



The aim is for a city/town to host a yearly Movement Day gathering over the next few years. The event then becomes a place for the whole body of Christ to meet, to press forward a vision for the city, to gather more in unity, effect deeper partnerships, and empower more church members. The event is the catalyst for inspiration, conversation, goal setting, and partnership.



However the Movement Day conversation is about the 365 days before the event and the 365 days after the event where the real work is done. This will begin a series of conversations and working groups to cover some key strategic actions.

  • Relationship building for buy-in between major stakeholders (Church and secular bodies)
  • Information gathering on the state of the church and the city.
  • Prayer for the success of the process.
  • Setting up sphere networks.
  • Setting up working groups around specific city needs.
  • Re-organising unity structures to support the wider vision.
  • Setting up a steering group to take forward a monitorable 15 yr vision.


What do we want to see_happen?





If we are to see significant change over the next 15 years in our places we will need to see a 10 point plan implemented as soon as possible:

  1. Focus on the whole city/town
  2. Develop with the city leaders a 10-15 yr vision for its future
  3. Build deep relationships across the whole body of Christ and wider
  4. Keep continually praying together
  5. Grow missional city changing churches
  6. Grow whole life disciples and release the body into the spheres
  7. Support and network christians in the main cultural spheres to make the difference
  8. Enable a new generation of public leaders to arise
  9. Work in partnership with the public, private and third sectors
  10. Special focus of the church on the most vulnerable





Our big dream is to see significant social, cultural and spiritual transformation across many cities, towns, boroughs and islands across the UK by the whole body of Christ blessing the city by forming strong friendships, praying together over the long term and working together in a co-ordinated and strategic mission.

What could be achieved over the next few years?

  • We could begin to see to the key principles of MDUK deepened in the missional mindset of key leaders across the UK
  • We could see 20 + cities across the UK on a  journey towards a 15 year strategic and co-ordinated vision towards greater transformation.
  • We could begin to see major inroads into the secular-spiritual divide that keeps people pew bound in local churches. We could begin to see significant enabling, validation, and networking across spheres in some major cities in the UK.
  • If we can begin to see this change in some key cities in the UK over the next 3 years we could see over the next 10 years a tipping point where it is the norm for churches, christians and organisations to envision a transformed city, to work in relational and strategic unity and to see the ordinary people of God released to make a significant difference.