Who_are we?

Who are we? What are our values? the foundation blocks of how we operate?

Relationships Matter_

Our approach is relational - with God and with each other. Relationships are the bedrock of transformation and the means through which meaningful action and change takes place. The message of the Gospel is one of personal relationship with God and is the starting point for all other relationships. Town and city transformation will only be achieved if we relate strongly to Jesus, each other, between churches and with the wider community.

Places Matter_

God loves our places and calls us to bless them (Jeremiah 29:7). Each of us are uniquely positioned within a place and we think these places are important. The Bible is all about place from Eden to Egypt, from Israel to Babylon, from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, from Antioch to Iconium, Lystra, Philippi, Athens, Corinth, Ephesus and Rome. It is by no accident that Paul addresses the church of a place (e.g. the church of Thessalonica) and sees Church as key to the transformation of our cities and towns.

Our places are all unique with their own cultures, history, problems and assets. Cities can be powerful places that create business and employment, research and learning, artistic development and social movements. 

They are partly the sum total of the individuals within those cities but often they are more than the sum of their parts, with power to effect change across a region and even a nation. Places matter to God because of the people who live there and the effect they have on how people live their lives.

Holistic Transformation_

Transformation must be both spiritual, cultural and social. We need to be intentional about seeking God, sharing God and collaborating together for the sake of our places. We need to be engaging with all areas of society which make up the pieces of the communities in which we live and work. We are praying for people to become more like Christ, the church to act more like the Body of Christ, and for the wider community to become more a reflection of the Kingdom of God.


Jesus prayed that ‘we might be one’ (John 21:17). We believe we need unity for long-lasting transformation of our places. Encouraging people to work and collaborate together is at the heart of what we do. The unity of the church across denominational, racial, generational and geographic lines is the best evidence of God’s love to an unbelieving world. A common focus and purpose unifies. True unity embraces diversity.


Transformation starts, continues and ends with prayer. We can unify with one another as we seek God together through prayer. It is a vital component in shifting the spiritual, social and cultural landscape of our places. Prayer brings God into the picture.


Doing things the same way and expecting the same results is a recipe for frustration. We need new creative answers to stubborn problems and we need a new imagination for a new day. Creativity is core to the Movement Day vision, with the visual artists, musicians, graphic designer, poets and writers playing their prophetic role in re-imagining a new city. Influencing the spheres of life.