Safer Places

Safer Places: A track engaged in a conversation about:

  • Why is safety important? Who faces danger?
  • How have communities become unsafe?
  • What do safer places look like?
  • What organisations contribute towards safer communities?
  • What is the role and purpose of collaboration?
  • How can churches work with civic authorities and public services?
  • How and why should we communicate stories of transformation?
  • The opportunities and challenges of creating safer towns and cities.

If transformation is our goal it must be measured by things like crime reduction, fewer lonely people, less demand on emergency services and health care professionals, and fewer incidents of hate crime. We should be seeing more opportunities for young people to learn new skills, trained mentors, befrienders, facilitators of restorative justice.

Transformation takes time and in this Track we will share our expertise around how to effectively develop partnerships with statutory authorities, public services and other agencies. We will be speaking about proven and effective models and how these have been developed.

We will cover:

How prayer has played a key role in developing partnership with the Police and reducing crime.

How to start a project and find funding.

Working with public services and statutory authorities.

Organising and delivering a community engagement event involving multiple agencies.

Recruiting and training volunteers.

How to reduce anti-social behaviour and work with hard to reach young people.

Keeping our streets safe, the night-time economy and training Street Angels/Pastors.

Identifying community needs.

Reducing hate crime and radicalisation.

How projects can be sustained over long periods.

Overcoming barriers and obstacles.

We will share stories transformation both from a city-wide, and local perspective including urban and rural stories.
How do we support and enable leaders to work collaboratively to address these urban
issues? We can support leaders by sharing stories of success, models which work and accredited training courses which give confidence to leaders and volunteers.

This Track is being curated by Debra Green of ROC Redeeming Our Communities in partnership with the Christian Police Association and the Christian Nightlife Initiatives Network


Who is speaking on this track?

Paul Lloyd

Personal Transformation