MDUK 17_

Movement Day UK 17 was a two day event, that took place on the 6th - 7th October 2017 at Methodist Central Hall in Westminster

A large lounge where leaders from churches and those working in business, arts, health, politics, local government, media, education and more from across cities and towns engaged in a unique conversation as we imagine a better future for our places.

We know so many of you were impacted and inspired by our 2 days together. We wanted to share with you some of the brilliant feedback we've received, so we've put together a short report on the event. We hope it will remind you of some of the thought provoking messages and discussions we experienced and also inspire you, encourage you and spur you on towards God's kingdom plan for your place.

See the report with feedback by scrolling through the document below

Here are some highlights from the Plenary Session talks