MD Teesside_

Teesside has grown in unity through combining several movements from the towns and cities that make up the area of Teesside. The area struggles with many issues of deprivation and hopelessness and the church of Teesside are coming together to bring transformation as Transforming Teesside Together.

Teesside will be hosting their first Movement Day Gathering on 15-17th May 2020

“Movement Day Teesside will be a key moment for the Church in Teesside we are aiming to gather 2000 Christians from every sector of our towns to have a conversation about our shared mission to Teesside. We aim to catalyse strategic conversations about how the Church is going to see Kingdom growth and transformation across all areas of our society over the next 20 years." Stephen Sutton

They have created a brilliant video explaining in a really unique way the oneness of the church through all its different "campuses". The video has gone viral on social media with nearly 100,000 views on Facebook and we'd love you to see it and share it too.

Let Me Tell You About My Church from Transforming Teesside Together on Vimeo.