Movement Day Doncaster 20th June 2018


MD Doncaster_

On 20th June 2018 Doncaster will be hosting its own expression of Movement Day. They will be celebrating 20 years of Church Unity in Doncaster through One Heart One Voice, connecting leaders from across the city to pave the way for strategic action and beginning the Movement Day conversation in their place.

Daytime Event:
If you are a Christian involved in any form of Church, Commercial, Civic or Community leadership in Doncaster, then the daytime event is for you!

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Evening Event:
The evening event will be a celebration of Christian unity and is open to everyone! Why not make a block booking for your church community or group from Doncaster.

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Movement Day Doncaster is about celebrating unity, connecting those in strategic leadership across Doncaster, and creating a conversation between the Church, Commercial, Civic, and Community quarters.